Workplace harassment on racial grounds is a severe issue affecting thousands of workers in California. This type of harassment is characterized by hostile and discriminatory behaviors based on a person’s race, skin color, national origin, or ethnicity.

According to studies from the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), 22% of Latino workers and 18% of workers of color reported experiencing racial harassment at work in 2020. Additionally, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received 6,847 complaints of racial discrimination in the workplace in fiscal year 2022, indicating a significant figure that warrants ongoing attention to the issue within the state currently.

We invite you to continue reading and learn more about it so that you can address the issue with your colleagues and take concrete action if you or someone close to you has experienced this type of offense at work.

Typical forms of workplace racial harassment:

Impact on the immediate work environment:

Effective measures to combat racial harassment in the short and medium term:

In summary, workplace harassment on racial grounds is a problem that requires urgent attention and action from national, state, and local authorities, as well as from employees and employers in the state of California. While the costs and impacts may seem minor, they become serious problems as the offense worsens or is hidden within the work environment. Therefore, taking professional and unified measures as a team will help create a fairer and more inclusive work environment for everyone.

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