Wage theft is a serious issue that continues to affect California workers today. According to a study conducted by the Labor Center at the University of Berkeley, nearly 10% of hourly workers in California experience wage theft, which amounts to over $800 million in stolen wages each year. But what is considered wage theft?

It refers to any practice depriving workers of their total and legally owed wages. Some common examples of this include:

What can you do to protect yourself as an employee?

  1. Know your rights: Familiarize yourself with the labor laws of California that apply to your job.
  2. Keep track of your hours: Record the hours you work, dates, breaks you take, and tasks you perform.
  3. Save your pay stubs: Keep all your pay stubs, check stubs, and any other documentation related to your wages.
  4. Report: Contact a lawyer specializing in labor law or state authorities specializing in this area.
  5. Join a union if necessary: These groups can help you defend your rights as a worker and ensure you receive the wages you are entitled to.

In summary, being informed and taking proactive steps to better understand your professional duties and rights can protect you from wage theft and ensure you receive fair payment for your work.

Remember: If your wages are stolen, you are not alone. Resources are available to help you recover your money and enforce your rights. Contact our legal firm if it is necessary to assess your case.


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