Even if you work from home, or do all of your daily business from home, that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from personal injury.

A person who has been repeatedly hurt or harassed by another person, either physically or psychologically, may suffer temporary or permanent willful personal injury for years without knowing it. Ex: Through cyberbullying, extortion, sexual favors, etc.

What is it about?

Any situation or context that puts your emotional, mental, physical health, or your professional career at risk due to ill-intentioned actions or words of another person(s) is considered an injury of this type.

Bullying could be valid as a form of violence that may cause another person willful personal injury.


Experts in the area indicate that aggressors can express the intention to hurt or mistreat another person(s) through:

– Uncomfortable jokes or comments

-Harassment of any kind or through any means of telecommunication

-Discriminatory acts against others or during meetings (face-to-face or digital, also including in public spaces.)

It can also be considered a willful personal injury when:

-The victim is injured or intimidated with a firearm or any other weapon that is capable of causing potential harm, both temporarily and permanently.

What to do about people or actions that cause this type of injury

If you believe that a person intends to harm you, or to take advantage of a situation, putting your life or well-being at risk, whatever the context that started the conflict, you should seek the help of a lawyer or go to the local authorities, so that they can offer you legal options so that justice is done and can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Do I need evidence to file a wrongful personal injury lawsuit?

No, but if you gathered evidence or some of it during the incident, it is worth presenting it to support your complaint when making it within the institution of your choice.

How are they different from other personal injuries?

In the intention of the aggressor, since he is aware that he seeks to harm or cause personal injury to one or more people.

Take into account that this can happen in any context, as we have already mentioned, such as the professional, or for situational reasons at a given moment, so knowing how to manage our reaction at the time of the incident can help us if we plan to make a claim later.

In summary, intentional personal injuries can occur in any circumstance or moment of our lives, however, if the intention of the person who caused the accident was not that, it would be prudent to receive the help that he or she is willing to offer after the situation which caused.

However, if he or she refuses to accept the facts and their behavior is negligent, it is best to collect as much evidence as possible and contact professionals who will give you options to formalize your complaint with a local authority.


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