If we are at home or at work, and we handle electronic objects, or that require electricity, there are possibilities of an accident or suffering a personal injury if we are not careful when using them, especially if we do not receive ongoing or timely maintenance.

In today’s text, we will address what these types of injuries are, some of the common causes for which they occur, and how to avoid these electrocution incidents.

Continue reading and learn more about this type of accident inside and outside the home.

What is considered a personal injury from electric shock?

Health specialists, such as the MSD Manual, consider that electrocution is damage or injury caused by a natural or artificial electric current that partially or totally crosses the body of an individual.

What can be the common causes of these accidents?

As we explained above, the lack of maintenance of electrical equipment, factory failures, previous repairs or manufacturing of the product with low-quality materials, negligence, outlets near water faucets or damp places while using electrical equipment; Among others, these are just some of the reasons why an accident of this type can occur.

It can also happen that, if there are areas of the home or in the work space uncovered with electrical wiring, that it deteriorates over time, which exposes the electrical connections to the weather, and increases the chances of suffering personal injury. for these reasons.

Likewise, there are cases in which children or little ones in the house introduce objects into electrical outlets (pencils, forks, crayons, etc.) innocently, which can also cause an injury of this type if you are not alert as a parent to these possible situations, especially if the infant is still very young and cannot easily understand the words of other people.

Common symptoms after an electric shock or electrocution

Generally, there are various symptoms, depending on the amount of watts that the affected person’s body has received. However, a person who has suffered a personal injury for this reason may present the following symptoms:

-Dizziness or nausea


-Muscle contractions

-Ventricular fibrillation

-Respiratory faliure


As for damage, whether temporary or permanent, some of the most frequent are:



-Nerve damage

-Chronic pain,

-Necrosis or immobility of muscles and other tissues


Or other personal injuries derived from electrocution, whether due to weather factors, lack of maintenance of electrical or electronic equipment or, due to own negligence or that of others.

Take into account that, even if you or another person who has suffered the accident does not have visible symptoms of electrocution injuries, it is best to be transferred to a medical center where they can evaluate your health condition and rule out any type of damage to the body.

How to reduce the risk of personal injury from electric shock?

There are some simple tips that can help you both at home and at work to avoid this type of injury, since, as we have said, the damage that you or a loved one can receive will depend on the amount of watts or electricity there is. received the body directly or indirectly.

-Disconnect any electronic device after using it, including the cell phone if the battery has been fully charged.

-If you work with electricity or electronic devices that can cause you electrocution, use safety equipment such as gloves, clothing that does not conduct electricity, etc.

-Use protectors in the outlets if you have children in your home, this to prevent them from introducing objects into them and receiving an unintentional electric shock.

-If there are areas at home or at work, which must be made repairs of this type, demand them or hire a specialized person to avoid this type of injury, or be sued for negligence if you have caused an accident to another.

As we can read and in summary, electrocution accidents can occur at any time and place, however, it is our duty to pay attention to this type of incident, especially if they can be prevented with repairs, maintenance, or paying more attention to the environment that around us.

However, if you have been the victim of a personal injury of this type at the fault of another individual, and you want to take legal action that will help you reach a settlement or receive the compensation you deserve, do not hesitate to contact us to achieve the well-being and tranquility that you want.


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