Although it is very rare for this to happen, while we are in a park, garden or other public place, we can suffer a personal injury from a dog bite.

In accordance with the California civil code §3342, any injury or attack suffered by a person by a pet, especially dogs, its owner or owner must be responsible for all medical or hospital expenses that the victim requires for its total and complete Recovery.

Next, we address some premises of interest regarding the subject so that you know what to do or how to react, in the event of an accident of this type.

Why do personal injuries from dog bites occur?

Generally, due to the negligence of the owner during his walk or, to the places where he is allowed to enter.

If the canine is under an environment of tension or stress, its senses can be confused or feel anxious and disoriented, so it adopts aggressive behavior due to the circumstances, and bites someone who tries to get close or who is very close to it, it is part of their defense mechanism as an animal.

Other reasons why a personal injury of this type can occur are: Poor training of the canine during its growth, violent treatment by the owner or home where it resides, lack of discipline when educating it, etc.

For this reason and at the same time, it is also necessary that the owners of these animals are aware of this problem and take action regarding it in case an incident of this type occurs, since it can lead them to an unpleasant legal situation if they do not it is treated with the due attention and responsibility it deserves.

I suffered a dog bite, and the owner claims that it is not his fault. What should I do?

Despite how docile a pet may be, there are occasions, as we have already mentioned, where its behavior can drastically change due to external stimuli or caused by a situation in the environment where it is found.

If the injury suffered is minor, and the owner of the animal was in charge of helping him/her to find out if he was in good health, find a way to reach an agreement on good terms and do not blame the canine without knowing the facts and the reasons. Possible solutions to the incident.

However, if the person in charge of the canine refuses to accept responsibility for the facts, especially if it is a serious bite that requires or needed a medical urgency, it is necessary that after being examined and obtaining the medical report, they Go to the local authorities to make your complaint or, talk to a lawyer so that he can offer you options according to your case.

Remember that even if the pet owner has a way to prove that their dog was not violent up to the time of the accident, California law will protect them, even if they do not have conclusive evidence that this claim is not the case. The fact of being aggrieved, either due to violent behavior of the animal or, because there was an attack by it, you have the right to report it and to request a minimum compensation if the case so warrants.

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