If you are at home cleaning the home, or work handling toxic products or substances, whether your profession is scientific or simply a trade, there is a great possibility that at some point you will suffer a personal injury from chemical agents, for own carelessness, of others, or due to circumstances beyond their control.

Most occupational health and safety specialists assure that this type of accident is rare, but there is a high possibility that they occur in the work area, since most of the substances found in these places, they are kept in a strictly controlled environment to reduce, to a minimum, incidents or events of this type and their harmful effects on people.

On the other hand, personal injuries of this type at home are, in part, due to personal negligence, so in the event of an accident, the blame falls entirely on you, a resident who lives with you, or a family member, this if No precautions or security measures are taken prior to carrying out the activity to be carried out with this type of product.

Where do personal injuries from chemical agents occur?

Generally in spaces that are considered high-risk places for the manipulation of substances or agents that can be contaminants for the human being or his organism.

Laboratories or companies where medicines, cleaning products are made or, in those places where there is the transformation of a certain raw material, such as an oil refinery, are part of the places where these accidents due to toxic substances commonly occur.

However, if the sanitary and safety conditions are not entirely adequate or require maintenance in place, whether at home or at work, there are greater chances of suffering an accident of this nature that causes a wrongful death.

It should also be noted that, if we do not take the necessary provisions before doing the cleaning at home; or, we do not know appropriate information about chemical mixtures, it is likely that we suffer poisoning in ourselves or other people, since if we combine cleaning products or other types that react together with others in a wrong way, toxins may be produced that get sick or even cause us death as we have already mentioned.

What are the most common personal injuries from chemical agents?

If you have accidentally ingested, inhaled, or been exposed to a hazardous chemical, you are likely to suffer one or more of these injuries:

When should a complaint be filed for an accident of this type?

Remember that before beginning any employment in the United States, the company or employer must guarantee the employee a work insurance that partially or totally covers this type of labor misfortune if it occurs.

When the employer or company does not offer compensation or cover medical expenses, it is necessary to contact a lawyer, legal firm or local authorities, so that they can offer you options according to your case.

Now, if it is an incident that occurred at home due to the negligence of a family member or close friend, the first thing to do is focus on medical care before starting a discussion or legal conflict for this reason.

In summary, personal injuries due to toxic agents can occur anywhere, however, it is our responsibility to follow the instructions of the product, or the indications correctly to prevent these accidents from occurring, both at home and at work.

If you carry out any activity or trade with this type of substance, and together with other people, remember to take the necessary precautions and be instructed in the area to avoid any potential accident that puts your health or that of others at risk.

Finally, if you or a loved one has been the victim of a personal injury due to chemical agents and the negligence of others, remember that you can turn to us to provide you with the necessary help and thus achieve the well-being you desire.


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