If you are in your home, an office or workplace, a public park, commercial premises, etc., there will always be fortuitous factors that can cause you or a loved one a personal injury; Whether due to their own negligence or through the fault of third parties who are or are not aware of what happened or occurred during the event.

According to data from the California Fire Department, forest fires are one of the main causes of burns in the State due to weather factors, where seasons such as summer or autumn are more susceptible to these events naturally or spontaneously.

However, there are other ways to suffer this type of injury, although there are few occasions when we can clearly identify them due to our state of shock at the time.


Why do personal burn injuries occur in California?

There are 5 frequent cases for this type of injury to occur, in addition to those that occur or occurred due to intentional or spontaneous forest fires, as we have already mentioned.

1-Due to chemical products: This type of injury occurs when the safety measures required to handle certain toxic agents are not taken, which are capable of being abrasive to the skin or other internal or external organs of our body.

This, of course, can cause burns of any kind according to the danger of the product and the substances that compose it, so it is necessary to read the instructions for use before applying it, whatever your personal or professional fines may be to reduce or avoid the risk of accidents.

2-Due to exposure to radiation: If you have a job where you use equipment that emits, propagates and dissipates energy through electromagnetic waves or particles of this type, this can cause long-term burns in your body if you are exposed to this type for a long time of tools or artifacts.

Therefore, remember to ask your consumers that they receive the necessary maintenance, as well as improve the protocols or safety manual to avoid or reduce the risk of this type of injury in your work area.

In our second part, we will continue to discuss this topic so that you can continue to educate yourself and learn about the most common burn personal injury cases in the State of California. Stay tuned and follow us reading next time!


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