In our last post, we discussed two of the common ways a personal burn injury can result. Below and on this occasion we mention the remaining 3 so that you can reduce or avoid the risk of suffering an accident of this type, whether due to weather, personal or negligence of another:

3-Due to scalds: That is, if at home or work, you suffer from a burn with steam, hot water, repairing a ventilation gas duct, among other similar accidents, it is also known as a personal injury of this type, and it will be frequent in California, especially if they are repair work in a house, apartment or commercial premises.

Why happens? Due to lack of caution on the part of the owner or manager, which leads other employees (and even them), to repair the problem without knowing, sometimes, how to prepare before starting such activity.

4-Due to electric shocks: If you have a problem related to electricity at home or in your workplace and you have no knowledge of this profession, it is best that specialists in this area dedicate themselves to the repair or maintenance you need, Whether this is to improve the lighting of the place, acquire new electronic equipment, etc.

Remember that no matter how much knowledge you have about this area (whether you are a professional in it or not), accidents can happen, so there are fewer risks of them happening when you hire a specialized person for it or prepare yourself properly using equipment security and correct clothing.

5-Due to friction injuries: Although it may not seem like it, this is usually one of the most common forms of personal injury, not only in California, but throughout the world.

This form of burn generally occurs during a vehicle accident, when the airbag impacts as a driver or passenger, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, among others; which can cause you a serious or temporary injury depending on the impact you have received in your car, bicycle or motorcycle.

In summary, personal burn injuries, prevented or not by the negligence of another, can happen anywhere or at any time. However, it is our responsibility to reduce the risk of this through practices or actions that guarantee our safety at home, work or even on public roads, whatever the reason for these circumstances or incidents.

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