According to statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety, there has been a reduction in pedestrian and bicycle accidents in recent years, which shows the awareness of cyclists and pedestrians not only to traffic regulations, but also to guarantee their safety. own safety away from home.

However, there is talk that after the elimination of the quarantine imposed in California due to COVID-19, a slight increase in accidents of this type has begun to be notorious, especially in this last year.

What has the new normality taught us as citizens?

To be more empathic with our commons. Therefore, events like these for the State of California are important to continue encouraging others to educate themselves as pedestrians, cyclists or drivers regardless of the city they come from.

Although the quarantine statistically influenced the reduction of public accidents, now that we are gradually returning to a new normality, it is natural that there is a slight increase in them while we adapt to the new regulations that are developed to guarantee a more equal and inclusive due to the consequences that the virus and other diseases have brought simultaneously, such as monkeypox.

However, it should be noted that the period of isolation has made many people reflect on their conditions as citizens, and has allowed them to improve their behavior in public or be more sensible when taking action due to a catastrophic event.

Why are bicycle and pedestrian accidents declining in California?

People are beginning to opt for other less polluting means of transport that offer them other options such as exercising to improve their health through physical activity.

Although California is a geographically large state, it continues to work to improve bike lanes and create spaces for pedestrians to explore more places while admiring the natural beauty that is present and part of the local biodiversity.

Despite the fact that urban tourism continues to be one of the main attractions of the State, proposals of this type, which are integrated at the same time with routes or natural spaces, can be another reason to continue exploring healthy options to mobilize ourselves, and continue educating ourselves in matter of motor vehicle laws.

In summary, if we want to continue the decrease in pedestrian or bicycle accidents, it is necessary to actively participate as citizens within our city and ask the authorities, if necessary, for signs and safe common spaces in which to walk or drive without fear. to have a car accident.

While there is much to be done, if you consider yourself a recent victim of careless or negligent driving, which has caused you temporary or permanent personal injury, please remember that you can contact us toll-free for more information and help you know the options you have to be compensated.


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