Whether you are in California or elsewhere in the world, pedestrian accidents are a reality and can happen unexpectedly at any time in our lives.

According to information from the Department of Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that in 2020 there were around 104,000 visits to pedestrian emergency services. The reason? Personal injuries caused by collisions with a motor vehicle while walking or riding a bicycle.

General causes of these incidents

A large part of them (46% of cases) is due to drunk drivers or drug intoxication. However, the causes of the event are also the fault of pedestrians or cyclists to a lesser extent, who also have a high concentration of alcohol or other substances in their blood, which prevents them from properly respecting traffic signs or being cautious before them. .

Other reasons why these types of accidents occur are attributed to speeding by drivers or their negligence; distractions behind the wheel due to the use of the mobile phone, or weather conditions that hinder or prevent the visibility of the road.

What to do as a driver to reduce the risk of vehicle accidents?

 In short, being safe and aware of your responsibilities as a motor vehicle driver will help you not only avoid these types of accidents, but also allow you to educate others, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

It is important to point out that for this, respecting and understanding traffic laws and signs is essential to promote a vehicle culture that allows us to be good citizens on the road, whether we are in the State of California or in another part of the world driving.

On the other hand, and finally, if you have caused a personal injury to another person in a car accident, and you would like to know what your options are to settle with him/her, contact us for more information at respect and do whatever is necessary to offer justice and tranquility to the victim or affected.


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