A new or recent way to get around, as well as being friendly to the environment and more practical than others such as public transport, metro, etc. It’s about the electric scooter.

However, according to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the growing popularity of this new means of moving from one place to another in public has meant that for every 1 million inhabitants, there are 115 personal injuries per year. according to recent studies.

Most of them occurred due to bad driving, speeding, disrespect for traffic signs, among other factors that make people still fear using this vehicle, and more so if their rights while using this vehicle form of transportation are violated.

Common places to sustain a personal injury while riding an electric scooter:

-Public Road (intersections, places where an unexpected turn or U-turn is required, etc.)

-Parking of a commercial premises

-Traffic lights

– Outside a private residence or near an industrial area

How and why do injuries of this type occur in public spaces?

The motives or reasons why this type of incidents with temporary or permanent injuries occur are:

-Violations or vehicular accidents while the driver of the electric vehicle crosses the street or transits the lane that corresponds to him on the highway.

-Persons riding the scooter cause an accident by intentionally colliding or hitting, or negligently, a pedestrian.

-Lack of maintenance of the electric scooter, which increases the risk of suffering an accident, both as a driver and as a passerby.

-Operators who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

What to do in the event of an accident in this type of electric vehicle?

The most reasonable thing to do is to seek medical help or go to a hospital to prevent any type of injury suffered from worsening due to malpractice, first aid, etc.; This is if the incident has been serious. If it was something minor, but you or a family member was the victim of an injury that could have cost their lives or put their lives at risk during the event, you can:

-Call 911 to help those involved, including you.

-If you are the driver of the electric scooter, and you were hit by a car or motorcycle, if there are witnesses or you have information about the aggressor, save it and use it as evidence in case you want to press charges.

-If the accident occurred on your way to work, notify the company you work for, so that it can also contact the insurer and be aware of your case. In this way they will be able to manage what is necessary for your recovery as soon as possible and even seek immediate medical attention.

-If you want to document the event in some way, be it through photographs or videos, do so if you need to.

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