If you have one or more small children in your family nucleus and you work, it is inevitable to send them to a nursery if you cannot take care of them during your working day or ask someone to do it from home.

Although after the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, many parents work from home or remotely, and decided to take care of their children, now that everything is back to relative normality, going to school for them becomes something necessary.

If they are not yet old enough, going to nurseries so that they can interact with other children and learn what their parents cannot teach them at home is the most sensible thing to do.

But despite all this, it must be understood that each of them requires the most personalized attention possible and that accidents sometimes occur in these places and it is something that cannot always be completely avoided.

According to the California Child Healthcare Program, the majority of hospital or emergency room visits by children with their parents are for unintentional personal injury.

However, let us remember that an ECE or Early Childhood Education has the obligation to give its staff first aid and child care workshops in the event of an accident, since this can minimize the secondary effects of an injury (pain, , hemorrhages, fractures, etc.) or avoid it.

Leading Causes of Personal Injuries in Daycare Centers

Most of the reasons why children suffer personal injuries in day care or ECE are the following:

What to do as a parent in case my child is injured in an ECE?

It is understandable that our first reaction as parents is to defend and protect our little ones. However, if you feel upset or confused by the situation that has occurred, it is best to remain calm.

Although you have the right to demand an explanation and ask for details about what happened, listen or read the report that you are given carefully to understand what happened.

Now, if you are not satisfied with the response of the ECE authorities and their staff, you can seek personal injury legal aid for advice and legal action.

Remember that it is important first to gather the necessary evidence to ensure that your complaint is considered before the authorities, since if the daycare center or institution complied or complies with all safety and medical care protocols, and it is a fortuitous accident, it is They are likely to reject your claim.


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