If you are a driver of a car, there are possibilities of having an accident of this type while you are moving from one place to another, be it on a highway, highway, etc.

However, when you have a child traveling with you, the consequences or damage if such an event occurs, can be fatal, since this can cause serious or minor personal injury.

During the following lines, we will address how to deal with a car emergency after an event of this nature due to the negligence of another driver, weather reasons, road repairs, etc.

Why do child car accidents happen in California?

There are several reasons for this type of situation to arise. However, and as we have already mentioned, they are generally caused by the negligence of the driver, be it the father, the mother, a relative, or a third party who, due to natural circumstances, driving under the influence of alcohol, or other types of substances or contexts, put the safety of other drivers, his, her or their companions at risk if they have them on board inside your vehicle.

It may also happen that, if the parents of the little ones do not take the appropriate security measures before taking the wheel and moving by car to their destination, there is a greater possibility of some type of personal injury occurring in the infants.

What should I do to avoid or reduce the risk of a vehicle accident with an infant?

The first thing is to understand that no child should go in the front seat of a car, regardless of their age, until they are old enough for it, since, if there is a collision in the rear or front part of your car, when activated airbag, you can suffocate or suffocate your child, even if you are wearing a seatbelt.

On the other hand, there is also the risk that the child will be thrown out of the car from the front window if he or she does not wear a seatbelt, so it is not recommended to place them in the passenger seat while they are traveling to their destination.

Likewise, if the infant is only a few months old or is less than 3 years old, it is advisable to buy, acquire or use a baby seat inside the car to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a car accident. this type.

However, suppose it is a child older than these ages. In that case, it is best to place them in the back seats, and that they wear a seat belt to avoid any serious damage in the event of a high-impact collision, whether by another car or due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Keep in mind that if your son, daughter, or other small family member was involved in a car accident while traveling with you somewhere due to the negligence of another driver and you want to press charges against the person who was driving, call or contact an attorney immediately after the incident. so that I can offer you the legal options you need so that they receive the compensation and welfare they deserve through a reasonable judicial process.

Also remember that, if your report or complaint was not addressed at the time of the incident by the authorities, you can go to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and fill out this form, this to present it to said institution in case you claim or complaint has not been duly addressed as you wanted.


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