As a passenger of a public or citizen bus inside the vehicle, the rules of coexistence must be followed not only out of respect for the other people who are in it, but also to avoid any type of accident while the vehicle is in motion.

According to the L.A. Times, in recent years traffic accidents have partially increased compared to previous years, Detroit being one of the cities with the highest rate of accidents of this type.

However, some, such as Los Angeles, have similar problems to face with regard to the rate of vehicle incidents, and those that occur on buses or public transport should also be considered when approached by local authorities to raise awareness among both drivers and public transport. pedestrians and passengers.

What can be considered a bus accident in California?

Any driver of this type of vehicle, who puts the lives of passengers, pedestrians or other drivers at risk, and this leads to a slight, temporary or serious personal injury, can be considered part of a personal injury on a bus or a type of vehicular accident.

However, it should be noted that this can also happen due to passenger negligence, although it is unlikely to happen.

Why can this happen?

Although there are various reasons for this to occur, the following reasons are usually the most common:

-The passenger is intoxicated or under the influence of another substance.

-An emergency occurs that must be dealt with quickly within public transport.

-There is a crime taking place.

-There is a fight inside the vehicle.

When is a bus accident due to driver negligence considered to exist?

Generally, if after a passenger reports it to local authorities or the California Department of Transportation, it is discovered that:

-The vehicle has not received the corresponding maintenance.

-The driver was in a state of intoxication or another substance, or was not qualified to drive that type of vehicle for other reasons.

-The driver did not obtain the appropriate license to drive this type of vehicle, but in the same way he acquired the responsibility without receiving prior training.

It means that whoever was in charge behind the wheel of the vehicle is at fault for the accident, and therefore for the personal injury you suffered if it occurred.

What should I do in these cases?

If the incident that occurred was minimal, you don’t have to worry. Ask for medical assistance first or visit the hospital center after what happened to make sure that no internal organs have been temporarily or permanently damaged in your body.

Now, if the bus collision has been serious, or an unexpected event has occurred that has caused injuries to passengers, including you, wait to receive medical attention and receive the health report or diagnosis, to take legal action with a legal firm. or lawyer if you want to receive compensation for physical, emotional, psychological damage, among others.


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